Advanced Course II

You are already a kiter, but you are still missing the certain knowhow and training?
With us you can reach the next level of the kite sport with professional instructions and lots of fun! Here on Mallorca, we kite on a really high level and we will teach you the latest tricks such as switching, jibe into switch, jumps, transitions, flips, kite loops, turnings, unhooked tricks such as Railley, S-Bend and even handle-pass tricks.

It is important for us to get to know you and your skills in order to precisely adapt the kite training to your style. You should naturally be able to control the course and the height of your kite. Call us or send us an email to make an appointment.

  • Speed control and applying the kiteboard edges
  • Upwind kiting
  • Change of direction with Twin Tip
  • Toe side turn
  • Own starting, assistance with equipment of others
  • First jumping attempts


Kite-Surfing Courses & Prices

Profit now from our new special prices when booking online! IKO kite license included free of charge!

Trial Kite-Surfing
Max. 2 Persons per Kite
30 min.
20 €
3 h
100 €
Group lessons Beginners & Advanced
Max. 2 Persons per Kite
1 h
45 €
10 h
390 €
Group lessons Beginners & Advanced
1 Person per Kite
1 h
55 €
9 h
450 €
Refresher Course 4 h
200 €
Private Lessons 1 h
120 €
Rental Price list....

Prices per person – Entire equipment included in the price – Prices only when booking online. IKO kite license included free of charge.