Advanced Course I

Anyone who has already done a beginners or trial kite course with us or elsewhere, is just right here in our advanced course. Following an assessment test, we will continue the training with the water start. Now, you will also have the unforgettable experience of accomplishing your first few meters with the kite, manage to keep upwind direction, and to make your first tack! Unforgettable!

Of course we will always be there for you and help you get rid of your insecurities teaching you to become a safe and responsible kiter. In case you already own some kite material, you are more than welcome to bring it along to check it for setup and safety and we will gladly instruct you on it.

  • Self-rescue and emergency landing of the kite
  • Setting it against the wind and securing the board
  • Safe and professional water start
  • Identifying wind directions quickly and safely

Kite-Surfing Courses & Prices

Profit now from our new special prices when booking online! IKO kite license included free of charge!

Trial Kite-Surfing
Max. 2 Persons per Kite
30 min.
20 €
3 h
100 €
Group lessons Beginners & Advanced
Max. 2 Persons per Kite
1 h
45 €
10 h
390 €
Group lessons Beginners & Advanced
1 Person per Kite
1 h
55 €
9 h
450 €
Refresher Course 4 h
200 €
Private Lessons 1 h
120 €
Rental Price list....

Prices per person – Entire equipment included in the price – Prices only when booking online. IKO kite license included free of charge.